Life Skills

Brand new to the program, the Golf in Schools program now includes a Life Skills component in each lesson. The lesson plans aim to help students learn and develop the necessary physical and technical skills to play the game of golf. Additionally, within each lesson, a specific life skill is incorporated and addressed. The life skills integrated within the lessons have been carefully selected for their relevance in the sport of golf.

The life skill material has been integrated within all of the Golf in Schools programs (i.e., elementary, intermediate, secondary). In order to have an effective program, the content is specific to children’s and adolescents’ developmental stages and academic levels. As such, not all eight life skills in the model are included in each program level but rather have been strategically selected to work as building blocks from one age group to the next.

Teachers delivering the Golf in Schools program have access to the FREE Life Skills E-Learning Course. For more information, click here.


Below is the Framework that you will see integrated throughout each of the Golf in Schools learning resources.