High School Program

We are very excited to be able to offer very high quality, gymnasium safe, golf equipment that will assist in the delivery of the Golf in Schools program at your school.

The package has been put together to compliment all elements of the learning resource and to ensure that it can adequately service an average class size.  Safety is also of the utmost importance and the soft balls used are a soft foam like material that simulate actual golf ball flight.  As part of the program, special pricing has been arranged for those that are interested.

high school equipmentThe equipment package includes:

  • 10 right handed irons
  • 5 left handed irons
  • 10 right handed putters
  • 5 left handed putters
  • 15 hitting mats
  • 200 tees
  • 17 packs of 18 soft balls
  • Carry all bag

Providing the tools to teachers

The Golf in Schools Grades 9 – 12 has been developed with the intent of delivering a learning resource that can be easily understood and implemented by teachers regardless of their background knowledge and experience in the game of golf.  An easy to follow learning resource with sample lesson plans and games make it very user friendly.  Each lesson plan has been created for a 50-60 minute suggested time frame and can be modified accordingly.

Below are some sample lesson plans from the Golf in Schools Learning Resource.

Sample Lesson Plans:

Grades 9 – 10-: Grade 9 – Lesson1

Grades 11 – 12: Grade 11 – Lesson 1

Easy-to-follow lesson plans for grades 9-12

The GIS program resource is designed for “the teacher” by people in the education profession.  It begins to develop the movement concepts and skill themes early in children in real classroom situations.
The lessons have been designed with an understanding of the growth and development of children; as a result, there are two distinct divisions within this resource:  Grades 9 & 10 and Grades 11 & 12.

Indoors or Outdoors

Weather is always an issue in Canada, as is teaching space.  Almost every lesson can be taught indoors or outdoors.  At times one location is preferred over another to encourage student success and safety.  This resource provides you the flexibility to deliver this program within the realities of your school.

Off Site Lessons

The Golf in Schools – grades 9-12 program is a great way to bring golf to your secondary school classroom.  However, the program also gives teachers the opportunity to introduce their students to the game through off-site activities.

The lesson plans within the learning resource not only give teachers the option of teaching the lessons indoors or outdoors, but numerous lessons give teachers the option of taking their students off site to introduce them to the golfing environment.  The lessons detail what an off-site activity would entail, and what the students should be exposed to while away from the classroom.  It’s a perfect way for students to not only work on their golf-specific skills, but to be exposed to the appropriate language and behaviours of being in a golfing facility.

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